A Scala API for Datomic

Embrace Datomic the Scala way

News : v0.7-RC1 released

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The philosophy of Datomisca in a nutshell

Datomic principles, without compromise

Datomisca is a thin layer around Datomic aimed at exposing Datomic’s functionality and leveraging its full power.

Datomic features with a Scala flavor

Datomisca uses Scala features to enhance the Datomic experience for Scala developers:

Features of the API

Reactive transactions (asynchronous & non-blocking)

Conversion between Datomic/Clojure and Scala types

Validate queries at compile-time & infer in/out parameters

Queries as static reusable structures

Build transaction data programmatically

Build schemas programmatically

Parse Datomic DTM files at runtime

Extended features of the API

Type-safe Datomic operations using Schema

Type-safe mapping from Scala structures to Datomic entities

Extensions to Datomisca

Play Datomisca, a module for using Datomisca with the Play Framework